Who We Are

We are one of the leading DVD manufacturing companies in the San Fernando Valley. In business since 1990, there is no shortcoming to the services we provide. Our #1 priority is to satisfy our customers the best we can and building strong business relations with our clients. Known for the fastest and best service in town, we also have the best prices and finest manufacturing machines in the nation. Offering everything there is to DVD manufacturing, we stand behind our reputable name as one of the leading DVD manufacturers on the West Coast.

Why We Are Different

  • We have the newest machines for DVD Replication and Mastering – other companies have old machines that barely get the job done
  • We can get your DVD’s replicated in just a few days – other companies take weeks (and charge more!)
  • All of our work is done¬†in-house – other companies outsource, leaving their customers ripped off

What We Are Known For

  • Our positive reputation is a blend of good customer relations as well as our fast turnaround time
  • The best and cheapest deal on the market, retaining the quality that every customer deserves
  • Our high-end, German made DVD machines
  • Quality at a price anyone can afford

What We Do

  • DVD Replication – using DVD-5 or DVD-9 master molds, we replicate tons of DVD’s a day. A master mold is required for this process.
  • DVD Mastering – essentially, the “original” or “master” DVD. If you cannot provide a Master disc, we can take your edited video and create your own Master DVD. The Master DVD is used in the DVD Replication machine to duplicate the regular DVD’s you see today.
  • DVD Artwork – using our pre-made template, we can print you DVD artwork with our powerful in-house printer.
  • DVD Printing – we offer printing on DVD’s as well. It can be smooth textured colors, or see-through holographic colors.
  • DVD Packaging – lastly, we also offer DVD packaging. We can package your DVD’s in cases (including artwork) or in regular sleeves.